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When I began training with Maria, my goal was to establish a plan to compliment the group workout sessions I attend two times per week. I was interested in adding one or two personal workouts per week that were customized for me to target specific areas. Maria met with me about my goals and designed an awesome and realistic program. She took into consideration the sessions I attend regularly, and gave me options, so I could alternate my workouts accordingly. Since I have added her routine to my week, I have seen and felt the difference and results I was looking for. She keeps me motivated and challenges me without making me feel overwhelmed. Maria has a kind and positive attitude that radiates when she enters the room, and in the end leaves you feeling better about yourself physically and mentally. I would highly recommend Maria to anyone who is either looking to start a program or compliment a routine you already have in place. 


Before working with Maria I would go to the gym and just try my best to "make up" workouts that would hopefully achieve my goals. However there was never a balance and I ended up only ever working one muscle group and being too timid to try workouts out of fear of having bad technique. Since then, I have developed confidence in the gym and know from my improved lift numbers that I am truly stronger. Maria has worked to accommodate my busy schedule, goals, concerns, and made workouts that I find enjoyable. I love the accountability that I have because I know that Maria evaluates her success based off the progress and happiness of her clients. 


I have been training with Maria for the past 3 months and I can honestly say it has been one of my best decisions. Maria knows how to push me while also being supportive and understanding. She knows how the body operates and what it needs. I feel healthier and happier than ever. I can't wait to see even more results as I continue training with Maria. 


I trained with Maria between June and August 2018. My goals were to become toned and feel good in my own body. As a life time student athlete, I wanted something different and to learn something new. At first, she had a hard time understanding what my limits were. She is easy to communicate with. Although she is not a nutritionist, she is more than willing to talk about better nutritional options. She always has a positive attitude which made me excited to workout. I've kept up the training and the tips i've learned from Maria and have kept the weight off. 


Working with Maria has had a positive impact on my outlook towards fitness. She's so creative when planning the workout sequences, makes the weight room seem less scary, and is so SO kind. She individualizes workout plans that are sequenced to YOU. Not a general 'cookie-cutter' workout program. After every workout with Maria I've seen results and I've felt more confident about myself & working out. 



I have grown so much in the past few months of working with Maria. My confidence in the gym has improved, my relationship with food has gotten so much better, as well as my overall healthy habits. Unlike other trainers I've worked with she'll actually teach me along the way so I can have the knowledge for the rest of my life! 


I can not recommend Maria enough!! I have always been hesitant to workout with a trainer, but Maria made the whole process so fun and rewarding! She's consistent, hands on, and extremely knowledgeable. I saw results in my first 6 week program and became so much more confident with my workouts. I've enjoyed every second of working with her, and I will continue to recommend her to everyone I meet!

Working with Maria has by far been one of the best experiences I've had in the gym. I've always struggled with self confidence and I've always struggled really pushing myself to my potential at the gym because I always felt like I just couldn't do it. With Maria, I feel like I can do just about anything in the gym as long as it is in my weight range. Throughout the past 2 months, I've learned that I can do so much and I've gained more confidence in the gym. Before I started personal training I had a lot of gym anxiety and was afraid that-that would hold me back from getting the whole personal training experience, but Maria has made me feel comfortable since day one and made me know that being at the gym is a place that should be to destress. Almost 3 months later it's my favorite place to go and knowing i'll be with Maria makes it even more awesome because I gain a bit more confidence with every session. She's pretty awesome. 


Ri Fitness is everything you want in aa personal coach, multiplied by 1000%. Maria is encouraging, patient, fun, and very knowledgeable about exercise and nutrition. Plus, she is just a wonderful human being that makes you excited to workout and focus on proper nutrition. As an athlete all my life, I needed someone to help guide me out of college athletics and into everyday nutrition and exercise. Maria is the perfect coach for that. I could write more, but there is not enough time or space to praise her enough. Ri Fitness is the way to go! 

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